CC Site Version 12.4

Released: 9/16/19


The official Computer Clan Merch Store has launched, along with a new YouTube channel trailer, updated home page, and refreshed branding graphics.


CC Site Version 12.3

Released: 5/30/17


The Home page has been redesigned as part of our branding update. We're trying to simplify our message and make it easier to communicate. We've introduced a new trailer as well, which we believe will help people quickly understand the Computer Clan and get excited about what we do. Small tweaks have also been made to CC Newsletter on the Notify Me page. The footer has also been cleaned up.


Update 1/25/18 (12.3.1): The Wallpapers page now includes helpful links for viewers to stay in touch with the Computer Clan or receive personalized tech training from Ken via TidBytes Training. The More page has also been reorganized.


Update 11/7/18 (12.3.2): A new links page has been added for Instagram users—primarily via the mobile app. People visiting the Computer Clan Instagram can tap on a link in the bio, and be presented with options about where to visit next.


CC Site Version 12.2

Released: 12/31/16


Update 5/14/17 (12.2.2): The Series page has been redesigned. All the featured series our now on one page, and the tiles take up way less space. This page design can act as the foundation for other pages that list a collection of content, in future updates.


Update 1/19/17 (12.2.1): The Live page now has a Discord widget, as we are replacing the IRC for the chatroom during live shows.



TidBytes Training, our new, powerful and personal tech training service, is now out of beta. It can be accessed through the new Tech Training link in the nav bar. We also have a new Buy Tech Gear page where users can view, and purchase, tech gear that Ken uses and recommends. Title case headlines now use a lighter typeface for consistency with updated Computer Clan branding guidelines.


CC Site Version 12.1

Released: 7/12/16


Update 8/30/16 (12.1.1): The nav bar has been updated by keeping more relevant items present. It also features a Notify Me button for easy access to our email newsletter, CC Reminder. The other pages that were removed from the nav bar are under More. Our tagline has also been tweaked.


12.1 features a new homepage with a new hero image. New tiles have also been added, in an effort to drive our most popular content and social networks. The Series page now has two categories—Educational Material and Entertaining Material. The Live page also has a section that provides easy access to our Steam Group and Collection.


CC Site Version 12.0

Released: 12/30/15


Update 1/6/16 (12.0.1): A new About Us page has been added.


CC Site 12 introduces a redesigned experience for all users; built on top of a Linux server. The concept was created by Marin Exley, and the website was designed by Shane (Skyber21). Additional designs and publishing were completed by Ken (Hildron101010). Typeform integration by spriteclad.


Major Changes:

    -Redesigned interface that reflects our modern branding and extends ease of use

    -New CC Reminder form with brand-new, stylized email newsletters

    -Front page tiles help users get to some of our big content quickly

    -Sticky navigation bar

    -Moved to a Linux server

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