CC Trivia is a live quiz show in which chatroom users can compete against each other. For the sixth anniversary of Computer Clan Live, a new format of CC Trivia is being introduced; in addition to a new format for CCL.


There are seven questions delivered per game. The maximum amount of points a player can receive in a game is 24.

Leaderboard - Game 34

1. eNetro314: 7

2. SFC_: 3

3. Computerpro10: 1

4. geminiman112: 1

5. joeldba: 1

6. micah: 1


Players must be logged into the IRC with a valid user name. Players cannot use multiple accounts or user names to compete.


Questions that are answered must be spelled correctly to receive credit for the answer. Rule may vary based on context.


If a player answers the question incorrectly, said player is unable to earn points for that question; there are no safety nets.


During the question duration (1 minute and 23 seconds), the first correct answer gets 3 points, the second answer gets 2 points, and the third gets 1 point. Points will be totaled at the end of each game, and a winner will be determined.


Three players need to answer the question correctly before the next question is queued. If three answers aren't given, the clock will run until time runs out.


During the final question, the point values are doubled.


A new winner will be determined every night, and their tally will be increased on our leader board.


Players cannot declare who has the right answer. Doing so may give it away. In addition, players cannot moderate the game; leave that to the IRC moderators.


During CC Trivia, only PLAYERS OF THE GAME are allowed to use the IRC, unless there's a serious situation. This is to help the game process move smoother. When the game is over, regular IRC may resume.


If a mistake is noticed, an IRC user may notify a moderator.


*Any rule changes will only be announced during a live show.

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